Job Description


Harvest Bar at Castle Hot Springs Resort is actively seeking experienced Bartenders/Mixologists/Sommeliers to join the Food & Beverage team at Castle Hot Springs located 40 miles north of Phoenix.

Harvest Bar creates scratch cocktails utilizing some of the rare organic fruits and vegetables from the Castle Hot Springs Farm & Greenhouse to create unique cocktail and beverage offerings. Our onsite farm, greenhouse and citrus orchard will produce over 150 variety of organic fruits and vegetables for Harvest restaurant and bar.

We have an extensive wine and cocktail program and need talented personable professionals.

Come work with our passionate team of hospitality professionals at Castle Hot Springs Resort  -  reopening for the season on October 1, 2019.

Position Title:    Bartender/Mixologist


Position Summary:    To work within the framework of a quality food and beverage service team. To provide guests with high

quality, consistent liquor product, served in a personable, courteous and professional manner.


 Responsibilities include:

  •  Be thoroughly familiar with all standards of proper service etiquette and will adhere to these standards throughout guest service. Sales of food is an important component of the job. Food should be suggested to every guest.


  • Be aware of all local liquor laws as well as company and departmental policies regarding consumption of alcoholic beverages. Must have completed Alcohol Training Program.


  • Will know all spirited beverages, cigars, and wines by the glass available.  Will be familiar with wine list and be able to talk about regions, styles, and varietals of wines offered.


  • Will know all drink recipes including garnish, glassware to be used and specific service, and will consistently use these recipes during production.


  • Will know all drink prices and will consistently use these prices during service.


  • Have a strong working knowledge of the micros ordering system and other check processing procedures.


  • Be familiar with requisitioning, receiving, rotation and stocking procedures of all beverage items.


  • Be familiar with emergency safety measures including the Heimlich maneuver and fire evacuation procedures.


  • Will sign out bar keys from security.  The keys will remain on the person at all times during shift.  Bar is never to be left unlocked and unattended.


  • Review bartender production stations to ensure they are completely stocked for quick and efficient service to the guests, waiters and cocktail servers.


  • Fill all ice bins from ice throughout service.


  • Set up glass washer with appropriate detergents and sanitizing solutions. Requisition and stock cleaning chemicals as needed.


  • Ensure cocktail server has completed all set up duties, and is ready to provide quick and efficient service.


  • Will inform manager of any problems with beer, soda, or liquor dispensing systems.


  • Will produce drinks as ordered by cocktail server and/or food server through the micros system. All direct guest orders will be entered into the P.O.S. system before production.


  • Will use “bar brands” as specified when “call brands” are not requested by guest. Will produce drinks according to set recipes.


  • In the event of a guest complaint, will replace drink and record on bad drink/spillage log, and submit with closing paperwork (tracking slip attached with MOD signature).


  • Will maintain the bar area in a neat and clean manner throughout service.


  • For direct guest orders, will obtain completed check from micros system and present to guest. Check will be kept current at all times and ready to present to guest.  Will finalize check in system according to method of settlement.


  • Perform post service duties in bar. Complete daily and weekly designated cleaning duties.


  • Obtain service report from micros system and finalize all settlement transactions.


  •  Work special group functions as required.


  • Perform special duties as requested by the food and beverage supervisors.


  • Attend all scheduled staff meetings and supplemental training sessions including on premise educational programs, wine tastings and daily pre-service meetings.


 Opening Duties

  •  Will pull all working liquor bottles from lock up and set in appropriate display.


  • Will prepare garnishes, juices, and mixes to cover the day’s business including any scheduled group beverage functions.


  • Will set up bartender prep stations to provide quick and efficient service to the guests and cocktail servers.


  • Will take inventory of all liquor bottles delivered from the storeroom to ensure the order is complete, and reorder or obtain missing items.


  • Will complete the daily cleaning assignment


  • Will wash, dry and polish all glassware.


  • Will maintain the lounge appearance throughout service. Before 8am wipe down all tables straighten pillow and dust couches and chairs.


 Closing Duties

  •  Will “gas” all open wines and put away in proper storage.  Date all open wine bottles.
  •  Will clean entire bar area thoroughly; drain sinks, wipe dry and sanitize.
  • Will melt ice in bins, wipe dry and sanitize.
  •  Will restock backup liquor and wine and complete requisition for sodas, mixers, and beer.
  •  Will lock up all cabinets & storeroom.  Ensure that cigar cabinet is locked and organized.
  • Bring any remaining dirty plates and linen to kitchen.  Make sure linen is deposited in correct bins.  Pick up any bar glasses from dish station and return to bar. 

 Specific job knowledge, skill and ability:

The individual must possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities and be able to explain and demonstrate that he/she can perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation, using some other combination of skills and abilities.

  •  Previous bartender experience with working wine and spirits knowledge.
  •  Must be keen with an attention to detail.
  • Pleasant personality to effectively deal with guest questions and service, and to contribute to the overall atmosphere of teamwork with fellow employees.
  • A sincere desire to provide the utmost in guest service -- good communication skills.
  • Well groomed appearance according to company standards.
  • Good physical condition in order to remain on feet for a prolonged period of time, up to 13 hours.
  • Must be able to properly lift, move and carry product weighing in excess of 75lb., and evaluate when assistance from another individual is necessary.
  • Must be able to walk up a footstool to obtain and store liquor bottles in overhead cabinets.
  • Must be able to bend down repeatedly to store and obtain beverages from coolers.
  • Must be able to operate glass washing machine.
  • Must be able to have hands in ice, detergent and water continuously.
  • Must be able to work in the vicinity of cigarettes and cigars.
  • Must be able to work in an area with high noise levels (music, guest conversations), and still maintain guest service.
  • Must be able to work outdoors in extreme temperatures.
  • Must adhere to practices of occupational safety and health including wearing personal protective equipment when required.


Appearance Requirements: 

  • Proper professional attire required by following appearance guidelines as set forth in the Employee Handbook.
  • Appearance must always be neat, clean and professional.

 County Legal Requirements

  • Must possess a valid Yavapai County Health Dept. Food Handlers card to be kept on file.
  • Must have completed County & State Liquor training.